DupliPass: printing solution for EU Covid digital Certificate on card

  • Printing of the European Covid pass on a card with the QR code, thanks to a dedicated application.
  • Personalized card in a few seconds with last name, first name, and date of birth.
  • All-in-one solution including: the app for Android smartphone and tablet, a card printer, a monochrome ribbon.
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Why Print a Covid Pass on a Plastic Card? 


The card has many benefits: 

  • Accessible: Everyone is able to use a card, as is already the case for many official documents, such as the health insurance card. The card offers a simple solution for anyone who does not have a smartphone or cannot access their QR code digitally. 
  • Durable: The card offers excellent durability. Unlike paper, the card does not get creased or damaged. The quality of the medium is not something you can ignore:  a QR code on a crumpled paper can be difficult or even impossible to read.
  • Confidential: Only the information required for checking is printed on the card. No other personal data is accessible. What is more, no data is stored in the application or in the printer.
  • Practical: The credit card format easily fits in a wallet or even a pocket. It is always at hand.


DupliPass: How it works 


Our solution for printing covid pass on DupliPass cards is quick and easy to use. All the steps of the process are automated, thanks to a dedicated application. It is very intuitive to use: 

  • Step 1:  Connect your smartphone or tablet to the printer via Bluetooth.
  • Step 2:  Open the DupliPass application on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Step 3:  Press the "Scan" button. The camera opens.

  • Step 4:  Place the QR code of the COVID certificate in the camera field. The application automatically scans the QR code.

  • Step 5:  Tap "Print."  The printer issues the card in a few seconds. It is perfectly dry and ready to use immediately.


DupliPass in use.


Several pharmacies and pharmacy groups are already using DupliPass to print their customers' covid pass on cards. The speed of delivery of the solution is a key issue for them, given their current workload during the current health crisis.

"The fact that DupliPass is a totally turnkey solution makes it really easy to use. The printing is done quickly, which has reassured our teams in the outlets that use the equipment on a daily basis. Offering this service to our customers has been a real success. Above all, they appreciate the convenience of the card medium. This solution has really convinced us, and we are in the process of deploying it in other outlets of the group."


Charlotte Guillemet   

Communications Officer for the Le Gall Santé Services pharmacy group.   


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