Evolis range


In light of Evolis' rapid growth, management quickly realized how important it was to control our environmental footprint and went on to implement a comprehensive environmental management system.


A global philosophy

From constructing an eco-designed building (rainwater recovery, electricity production) to educating employees (waste recycling) our collective and individual initiatives to reduce our environmental impact are part of a global philosophy.


Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of a card printer

To find out how to improve our environmental performance, we hired an outside firm to conduct a life cycle analysis of Evolis card printers. The use phase was shown to be the most polluting, far ahead of the manufacturing, distribution and end of life phases (59% to 98% of the impacts for 9 of the 11 indicators analyzed in 2011 for the Pebble 4 printer). We then took action on these phases in order to reduce their impact.


Eco-designed printers

Evolis restricts the use of hazardous substances in the manufacture of our products, in compliance with the European RoHS directive. For the latest generation of card printers, our engineers have developed an ultra-efficient sleep mode that uses nearly 6 times less energy over the lifetime of the printer (estimated at 5 years).


Environmentally-friendly consumables

To reduce the environmental impact during the use phase of our card printers, Evolis took action with respect to consumables by:

  • increasing the capacity of our color print ribbons (100% more for Primacy, 20% more for Zenius)
  • replacing the ribbon cartridge material with a recycled and recyclable material.