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Evolis is organizing a technical webinar for the Edikio Software.

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Evolis is organizing a technical webinar to present the main features of the Edikio software for creating and printing price tags. This webinar is dedicated to Evolis' distributors and resellers who want to learn more about Edikio software in order to answer all their customers' questions and help them create their own price tags. This training is based on many concrete examples and useful tips.


This webinar will take place in two steps:

  • 1st session : level 1
    This training will start with the software's basics. The most common specific features will then be presented.
  • 2nd session : level 2
    This training is the sequel of the first session. The trainers will cover more technical points with the help of case studies. You need to have taken part to the first session to easily follow this one.

Run by Philippe Bernard, Evolis technical support trainer and Vincent Ménard, Evolis product manager, these two sessions will be broadcasted live and will be available to replay and download the day after on Evolis' website and on the Partners' website. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the training.


Detailed summary of the webinar:

Session 1 : Thursday 29th of June Session 2 : Thursday 6 of July

Chapter 1 : Starting with Edikio

  • Presentation of the Edikio USB stick contents
  • Presentation of the 3 software editions
  • Edikio licensing modes - overview

Chapter 2 : Configuring and using a category

  • The 'New category' wizard
  • Presentation of the user interface
  • Selecting a printer
  • Editing a tag layout

Chapter 3 : Data types

  • Editing tags one-by-one
  • Importing data from an Excel file


Requires attending Level 1 webinar on June 29th 2017

Chapter 1 : Technical introduction

  • Reminder about the 3 software editions
  • The licensing modes - how they work
  • Edikio Software working principles
  • Customizing a category (settings)

Chapter 2 : Case study

  • Importing data from an Excel file (advanced mode)
  • Selecting multiple layouts
  • Editing a blank tag layout (barcode, price,...)

Chapter 3 : Advanced configuration

  • Dsiplaying columns and categories in Edikio
  • User rights management




How to register ?

3 sessions a day are available. To register, click on the relevant link for your geographical zone.

Level 1 session: Thursday 29th of June

Level 2 session: Thursday 6 of July

6h30 UTC/GMT* 12h UTC/GMT* 15h UTC/GMT* 6h30 UTC/GMT* 12h UTC/GMT* 15h UTC/GMT*
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Download the demo version of Edikio software

In order to familiarize yourself with the Edikio software, we invite you to download its demo version.



Session in Spanish for Latin America countries

For session in Spanish, please contact Armando Porroa Evolis technical support at Evolis Inc.