Evolis Region Code Management

Evolis Region Code Management

Please note that Evolis ribbons may be regionalized. Evolis has defined a geographical division into different zones to match its distribution system.

The zoning of the Evolis ribbons

In order to prepare future changes related to Evolis logistic organization, some printers have a region code associated to the ribbons to be used in one region. The ribbons with a NAA/NAAA code can be used with all the printers.

Region codes and countries

AMERICASAAA, Axxx (for exemple : A102 = Brazil)
INDIAS22, Ixxx
CHINAS12, S13, S14, Cxxx
WorldwideNAA, NAAA

How to know the use of the right region code?

There are two ways to check the use of the right region code:

1.Before getting started with the printer

The printer region code is indicated

  • in the last digit of the printer part number for Primacy2 printers (for instance “PM2-0001-E”)
  • or on the ID printer label from the external box for Zenius/Primacy printers

The ribbon region code is indicated in the last digits of the ribbon part number (for instance “R5F008EAA”, “R5F208E100”, etc.). This part number is printed on the ribbon box label as well as on the ribbon cassette label.

The two codes have to be similar: for instance, one printer PM2-0001-E must be used with ribbons -E100 or -NAAA.

2.At any time when using the printer

In the Evolis Premium Suite® Interface:

  • From the “Assistance & maintenance” menu, in “Product Information/Printer tab”, you can find the Printer Zone information
  • The part number of the ribbon is indicated from the “Assistance & maintenance” menu, in “Product Information/Ribbon tab”:
  • Or directly from the Home page:

What happens if the printer and ribbon region codes are not appropriate?

‘Ribbon not valid’ message means that the region code is not appropriate between the printer and the ribbon.

For printers using the Evolis Premium Suite (such as Primacy and Primacy2) a ‘pop-up’ message will be displayed after a few prints on the computer screen explaining that the ribbon used is not valid and it is requested to contact an Evolis Reseller.

Ribbons for AMERICAS area do not work in region APAC, ribbons for EMEA area do not work in region APAC. Simply put, the ribbon purchased in a region can “only” be used with the printer in that same region.

Please contact an Evolis Reseller from your region to get appropriate ribbons or contact us at info@evolis.com in order we can communicate to you an Evolis Reseller locally.