Healthcare smart card in India

Category: Government | 28/10/2011

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RSBY project in India


Jagdish Rajpurohit, from Rajpurohit Cardtech ltd., introduces his company and the RSBY health card project in India.

  • CHALLENGES: Provide access to healthcare for the poorer segment of society, and within an allocated budget.
  • MARKET: National Healthcare Program
  • APPLICATIONS: Identification, enrolment and monitoring of payments
  • EVOLIS SOLUTION: Pebble card printer


INTERVIEW "Printers have to cope with harsh conditions"

Jagdish Rajpurohit, President, Rajpurohit Cardtec (India)  

Can you tell us about your partnership with Evolis?

Rajpurohit Cardtec was created in 1985 to cater to the identification market in India. Since 2002, we have been the distributor for Evolis in India. We are based in Mumbai and have offices throughout India to promote our solutions all over the country. Our partnership with Evolis was initiated through a significant project which was the deployment of 20 printers dedicated to delivering drivers licenses. Since then, we have sold numerous machines for a wide variety of projects. Overall, Evolis printers have personalized around 50 million cards in India since 2002.The product and everything  connected to it in terms or service and quality has kept us at the forefront of the smart card and plastic card market in India, for applications as diverse as identity, leisure, Security and e-governance applications.


Why were the Evolis solutions selected for the RSBY Project?

This Program selected the option of a smart card that was compatible to the requirements of each stakeholder. The Indian Government is expected to provide free healthcare services to more than 60 million Indians living below the poverty line. The Evolis printers provide a sound answer to all personalization requirements and they deliver cards instantly and in a decentralized way. Most of all, unlike desktop printers, these printers are considered to have the robustness of industrial machines and have proven to work in rural areas with a very high reliability factor.


What exactly do you mean by “industrial machines”?

The RSBY Project requires that the Evolis printers travel from one village to another, and be deployed at the doorstep of each beneficiary under this Program. And this is exactly what the Evolis printers do. Such printers were initially designed to operate in an office environment, but we noticed that they were perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions in India (dust, heat in the south of the country, and snow in the north). This is what you call a great achievement. Furthermore, such printers are often carried via bus and even on a bike. This Project, therefore, represents a very positive experience for Evolis and is ample proof that Evolis printers are not meant just for Europe or the USA, but are perfectly adapted to the extreme conditions in countries such as India. Which has a a varied topography and climate conditions ranging from -10 Deg C to 50 Deg C.

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