The EVOLIS GROUP provides a Wifi network for visitors.

Navigation is carried out through a captive portal that allows you to browse the Internet.


Before any navigation, please read the legal notices below.

Mention GDPR of the Wifi network visitors of the GROUPE EVOLIS

The EVOLIS GROUP is setting up a Wifi Internet access for visitors. As this access requires the collection of personal data concerning you, it has been the subject of a declaration to the EVOLIS GROUP's data protection officer.

For more information on this declaration, you may refer to the General Conditions of Use below.

To access the Wifi visitors, your validation implies:

  • That you have read the General Conditions of Use below.
  • That you consent to the collection of your personal data within the limits set in the General Conditions of Use below.

This collect, to which you have consented, is subject to the following regulatory framework:

  • Article 7 §1 law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms (consent) of the French Postal and Electronic Communications Code
  • Article R10-13 of the French Postal and Electronic Communications Code

The personal data recorded are: your last name, first name, company, email address, MAC address and data relating to the fulfilment of the obligations of the IT department under Article L34-1 of the French Post and Electronic Communications Code.

This data is kept for one year and can only be used for the purposes of research, recording and prosecution of criminal offences, and in the only goal, where necessary, the provision of information to the judicial authority.

Consequently, these data will not be used for automated decision-making and will not be used for commercial purposes.

Your data will be processed in a secure manner by the EVOLIS GROUP and access to them will be reserved only to persons authorized for this purpose. In accordance with the General Regulations on Data Protection applicable since 25 May 2018 and in the continuity of the French Data Protection Act of 1978.

You may:

  • For legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data concerning you, unless this right has been set aside by a legislative provision. Contacting by email
  • Request treatment limitation. Contacting by email
  • After contacting the Data Protection Officer, submit a complaint to : CNIL 3 Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07 FRANCE - Tel: +33 1 53 73 22 22.

General conditions of use of the GROUPE EVOLIS visitors' Wifi network

The purpose of the document is to define the conditions of use of the Wifi network made available by the EVOLIS GROUP.

This Wifi network allow users to access  Internet from a mobile phone or any device with a Wifi card.

  1. Terms and conditions of connection

Connection to this network is via a captive portal.

The user will need to activate the Wifi card on his terminal and then select the indicated Wifi network. It is up to the user to check that he has the hardware, software and browsers allow him to use the service, as well as the security and protection necessary to protect his equipment.

It is specified that the EVOLIS GROUP does not ensure any intervention or breakdown service on the personal equipment of users and cannot be held responsible for any software or hardware damage that may occur during the use of the service.

  1. Conditions of use

1. The use of the GROUPE EVOLIS Wifi service is subject, in the first instance, to compliance with the laws and regulations in place. The use of this service implies irrefutable acceptance by the user, without any signature being necessary, of all the provisions and obligations contained in the present General Conditions of Use.

2. The use of the Groupe EVOLIS Wifi service allowing access to the Internet is free and unlimited and is strictly reserved for users authorized by the EVOLIS Group.

3. The user acknowledges that he is in a place open to the public. He undertakes to use both his computer equipment (laptop, personal assistant) and this service in a manner that complies with the law, and in particular to refrain from any behavior and any use contrary to public order and morality.

a) In particular, it shall not use its equipment or service for illegal, unlawful or prohibited purposes, hat is to say, without this list being exhaustive:

  • It undertakes to comply with the law and shall refrain from accessing, posting or displaying content and information, whether or not originating from a posting on the Internet but considered illegal by the texts or courts, such as information, messages, texts, images or videos of a violent nature, incitement to violence or hatred, degrading for the human person, pornographic or pedophilic and/or of a provocative nature and undermining the integrity or sensitivity of users of the Wifi network.
  • For information purposes, it is specified that GROUPE EVOLIS Wifi access is secured by a systematic filtering tool and, consequently, the user is informed that certain sites are inaccessible.

b) The user undertakes to respect the privacy of all persons and the secrecy of correspondence and shall refrain from intercepting any message or communication sent by telecommunications.

c) The user undertakes to respect the legislation on personal data and the automated processing of nominative information as well as the legislation and texts relating to copyright, trademarks, patents, intellectual and industrial property. It undertakes not to reproduce or use in violation of these legislations, whether multimedia creations, software, press articles, photos, sounds, images of any kind, trademarks, patents, designs and models, it being specified that any mention relating to the existence of rights on these elements and/or data and/or files may not be deleted and that any reproduction of a work or one of these elements and/or files and/or data without the consent of the holder of the rights constitutes an infringement.

4. Within the framework of the use of the GROUPE EVOLIS Wifi service, the user shall refrain from:

  • Gather or collect any information concerning third parties without their consent;
  • Defame, disseminate, harass, stalk, threaten, or violate the rights of others;
  • Create a false identity;
  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to a service and/or file or data;
  • Distribute or download software or other elements protected by intellectual property rights, unless you own the rights or have received all necessary permissions to do so;
  • To send any undesirable message or to send "spamming";
  • To send any email and/or electronic message containing threatening, insulting, defamatory, obscene, indecent, illegal or infringing on the rights of persons and the protection of minors;
  • Transmit any Virus, Trojan, logic bomb or any other harmful or destructive program for third parties and/or any user;
  • Attempt to obtain unauthorized access to an automated data processing system and to maintain such access;
  • Disrupt the services and/or content and/or data to which it has access;
  • To send chain letters or to offer so-called "snowball" or pyramid sales;
  • To send any advertising, promotional message or any other form of unsolicited solicitation or canvassing;

5. The user acknowledges having received all information necessary for the specifications and terms of use of the Groupe EVOLIS Wifi service, which implements, free of charge, automatic protection software to the effect of selecting or restricting access to certain sites, servers or data.

6. It’s the responsibility of the user to check that he has the hardware, software and browsers enabling him to use this service. The EVOLIS GROUP is in no way responsible for the equipment chosen under the responsibility of the user, who remains solely responsible for its security and protection.

7. The EVOLIS GROUP, at the request of any competent administrative or judicial authority, or if it deems it necessary, may temporarily or definitively suspend any use of the service without its liability being sought and without the user being able to claim any compensation or reparation whatsoever.

8. The EVOLIS GROUP can under no circumstances be held liable to repair the direct and/or indirect prejudice suffered as a result of the use of the Wifi service by the user, the latter being under the responsibility of the users in compliance with the present Charter. The user acknowledges that the EVOLIS GROUP cannot be responsible for the contents or services to which he accesses and guarantees neither the accessibility to the contents and services nor the speed of use, as access to the Wifi service may be suspended at any time without prior notice.

9. The EVOLIS GROUP informs users of the service that the new provisions applicable to the fight against terrorism imply the obligation to keep for a period of 12 months the technical connection data, namely: sender, recipient, time, duration and place of origin of the communications with the exception of their content.

10. In order to take full advantage of the Wifi service, the EVOLIS GROUP advises all its users to take care of their computer equipment by ensuring that laptops and personal assistants are not left unattended, and by ensuring that they have an up-to-date antivirus.

You declare that you have read this Charter in its entirety, you undertake to comply with it and acknowledge that your equipment, its content and the use of the GROUPE EVOLIS Wifi service are your sole responsibility.