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Sublimate your buffet with qualitative and personalized labels printed with an Edikio Guest solution by Evolis. Buffet tags will allow you to display valuable information and help your customers make their choice.  With their professional and attractive appearance, they will highlight your brand image and provide an aesthetic appeal to your buffet.

Offer your guests a high-end experience


Provide your customer’s with clear and comprehensive information

Customized buffet tags help your customers make fast and informed choices by highlighting multiple type of information about your buffet offer such as:

  • The ingredients and the allergens present in the product
  • The product specificities: “homemade", "local products”…
  • The translation of the product information in multiple languages
  • The types of product by creating specific tags design: the tags of your salted buffet can/need to be different from your sweet buffet tags


Gain flexibility in your daily management

No matter the situation, Edikio Guest is the answer to your problematic regarding your buffet management.  Meet your customers' expectations and achieve greater staff efficiency with the ability to easily:

  • add tags for your new products
  • replace lost tags within seconds
  • add new languages to your buffet tags
  • reduce waiting time at buffets.


Strengthen the reputation of your establishment

Product labeling improves the perception of the quality of your service, develops the brand image of your establishment and helps you build customer loyalty.

Edikio Guest labeling solutions offer the possibility to customize buffet tags to your needs, by adding your logo and choosing the color of the card, the color of the print, the rendering and the font.

This will further reinforce the aesthetics of the appearance, and customers will appreciate the attention to detail. A loyal customer who is satisfied with its stay will prove to be your best ambassador, ready to recommend you on the Internet or to its entourage.


Create all the customized cards and tags you need

Optimize your Edikio Guest solution by creating all the varied personalized cards and labels you might need. The solution comes with multiple templates for different kind of uses and can be easily customized to fit your brand image. Improve your customer experience with personalized:

  • Events cards 
  • Discount and gift cards
  • Privilege and VIP cards
  • Access cards (room & services)
  • Price tags for the store
  • Employee badges
  • Luggage tags


Adopt Edikio Guest for your hotel

Dedicated to the hotel’s needs, Edikio Guest has everything to simply and effectively create your own presentation tags or many other type of card.

Each solution includes:

  • A plastic card printer
  • A user-friendly software:
    • Intuitive interface
    • Library with numerous templates and icons for all your design needs
  • Consumables
    • Plastic cards (credit card sized / long-format)
    • A white printing ribbon

Evolis also offers a complete range of accessories and consumables for buffet tags to match your requirements perfectly.


Discover the all-in-one solution for buffet tags designed by Evolis




  • Highlights brand image
  • Clear, Comprehensive Information
  • Professional appearance
  • Complete flexibility
  • Hygienic and High Quality
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