Card printer and software for MAC: the Evolis offer, unique on the market


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Card printer and software for Mac: the Evolis offer, unique in the market

As professional software publishers move their applications on to Mac OS, more and more companies, schools, and offices are attracted to the Apple environment. The demand for ID badge printing solutions compatible with MAC is no small part of this. Evolis currently offers a unique range on the market, including a plastic card printer and badge design software.


Why use specific software to create and print badges?

Of course, it is possible to print a badge from graphic design software (such as Photoshop or GIMP) or text editing software. To do this, you just need to define the print format as the size of the CR-80 card (85.6 mm x 54 mm).

Although this is a valid solution for printing some badges, it becomes very limiting when it comes to customizing cards in larger volumes.

The use of specific software for publishing badges has many advantages to facilitate the design, printing, and encoding of badges:

  • Easy management of the double-sided design and printing of badges
  • Easy customization of each badge with data from the fields of a database (as well as ID photos).
  • Magnetic strip encoding on the badge (often necessary for the purposes of access control to buildings or IT infrastructure).


Badge design software for MAC: why choose cardPresso?

Although there is a wide range of badge design software on the market, cardPresso is currently the only one to operate on both MAC and PC (Windows).

While other badge design software will require you to install Windows on your MAC (via Bootcamp or a solution such as VmWare Fusion), cardPresso allows you to work directly on MAC OS, in its native environment.


Evolis badge printers and cardPresso software: the only 100% Mac solution on the market

Evolis is currently the only manufacturer to offer MAC-compatible printers that come with badge design software that runs on MAC.

Our Badgy, Zenius, Primacy, and Quantum printers have Mac OS drivers. Badgy comes with the Badge Studio software and the other printers come with the cardPresso software (all two compatible with MAC and Windows) as standard.

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