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Evolis - News Edikio Flex - Pack All in one solution

The Edikio Flex Solution Bundle is Composed of:

  • A single-sided card printer
  • 200 black plastic cards (100 credit-card format + 100 long cards)
  • A white ribbon for up to 1000 prints (for credit card size)
  • Edikio software Standard Edition



Evolis - News Edikio Flex - Picto Flexible

Evolis - News Edikio Flex - Picto Fast
Evolis - News Edikio Flex - Picto Easy to use
Flexible Fast Easy to use
Prints tags in standard (credit card) or long format. Print a tag in about 15 seconds. Can be adapted to suit more advanced needs.


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With Edikio Flex, multiple your printing formats

The Edikio Flex solution allows printing on the following formats:

  • credit card: 85,6 x 54 mm - 30 mil
  • long card : 120 x 50 mm - 20 mil
  • long card : 150 x 50 mm - 20 mil

With their increased surface of writing Evolis Long PVC black cards are ideal to clearly display all the necessary consumer information (ingredients, prices, allergens, production method, origin, nutritional information, etc.). They also give your shop a professional image.

Evolis Long PVC black cards can be used to print your texts and logos with Evolis white monochrome ribbon and are compatible with Evolis Price Tag accessories.

These cards are ideal for price tag labelling (particularly for bakeries) and easy to insert in shelf price rails.

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A Complete Range of Bundles For Price Tag Printing

Evolis has now the most complete range in terms of price tags personalization on plastic cards:

  • Edikio Access : The most affordable solution for single-sided price tags.
  • Edikio Flex : The flexible solution for labels on standard or long cards.
  • Edikio Duplex : The advanced solution for double-sided labels.


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