Evolis Card Printer Sales Reach 500,000


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Evolis is celebrating the sale of its 500,000h card printer

Since 2000, Evolis has brought to the market more than 40 printer models in some several dozen versions. These plastic card printing and personalization systems continue to attract users thanks to the many innovations they offer.

500,000 Evolis printers have now been adopted by thousands of users around the world.


Extraordinary card printers

Evolis teams strive to meet market expectations precisely and make every effort to remain constantly attentive to the needs and demands of business partners and end users. The group therefore develops innovative products that are distinguished by:

  • their reliability
  • the scalability of their features
  • their ergonomics
  • their bold design


A unique strength: designing tailor-made products

Evolis's unique know-how lies in its ability to adapt its printing systems to meet any request to personalize identification cards, even the most unusual. This extraordinary agility contributes to the success of Evolis's offering for its end customers.

"Our strength is knowing how to correctly analyze requirements and how to adapt our response with precision." Sébastien Goubault, Manager of Project Activity.

Evolis card printer Sales reach 500,000


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