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Primacy lamination

Evolis is pleased to announce the availability of its new product, Primacy Lamination, the ideal system to increase security and durability of government cards and access control badges.

Primacy Lamination is an all-in-one, affordable system for encoding (from magnetic stripes to RFID chips), printing, and laminating your cards, with or without holograms. The Evolis card lamination module prevents forgery and significantly increases the durability of governmental cards or access control badges.


Primacy Lamination offers :

Enhanced durability and security

Primacy comprises the Primacy printer, to encode and print, and the new CLM lamination module. This CLM module satisfies the requirements of durability and security of governmental cards (national ID cards, driving licence, etc.) or access control badges.


A large choice of laminates and specific developments on demand

A large range of lamination films with or without holograms completes this product offer. Evolis can also design and customize laminates to include unique and highly secure hologram patterns to satisfy your specific needs.


A global expert for tailored projects

Thanks to its industrial capacity, its ability to respond rapidly and a dedicated project team, Evolis can answer the stringent requirements of large tailored projects. Evolis has won numerous projects requesting highly secure cards and can support any card-based project, whether local or global, by developing tailored solutions.


The main features of Primacy Lamination:

  • Dual-side lamination (standard)
  • Prints and laminates up to 215 cards per hour*
  • A complete film & ribbon offer
  • Easy to integrate, install and use
  • Possibility to sell the lamination module as an option to any Primacy sold after March 2013 (S/N >10000295187)

    *Single-Sided print and laminate

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