Evolis printers integrated in a Kiosk personalize prepaid cards in Dubai


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Evolis printers issue prepaid cards thanks to the smart inssuance kiosk

On May 19th in Dubai, National Pay, a Smart Issuance Solutions provider for the banking, finance, telecommunications and transport sectors, launched a groundbreaking innovation, DubaiCard.

Evolis card printers issue prepaid cards in the world’s first Smart Issuance Kiosks


Evolis participated in the elaboration of the new flagship product along with National Pay, ATAM Technologies, Tuxedo and Gemalto. Within the self-service kiosk, The Evolis card printer is a key tool for the issuance of the prepaid cards.

DubaiCard is the world’s first technology that issues prepaid cards instantly activated from various National Pay Smart Issuance Kiosks spread across the United Arab Emirates.

The concept is simplicity itself. Any customers whether natives or tourists can apply for a MasterCard branded prepaid DubaiCard via a self-service kiosk. The customer’s profile is taken from his/her personal Identity Card and also through a passport reader. Then, within minutes, the new card holder receives a fully personalized, encoded and activated card including the security of chip and PIN technology thanks to Evolis card printer.

DubaiCard is a new way to pay that saves time and money. The card’s owner has more control over his or her money because bank fees, interests, payment deadlines and so on do not longer exist with DubaiCard.


Evolis kiosk printer issues Dubaicard travel, gift and daily

Personalised prepaid cards for your daily expenses, for your trips, for your gift and to shop online


The prepaid cards can be used for every spending possibility, from General Purpose Reloadable cards (GPR) and gift cards to travel cards and virtual online use cards. Besides, DubaiCard products can be used anywhere in the world where MasterCard is accepted, meaning in over 37 million locations and 2.1 million ATM’s worldwide.

According to National Pay’s Managing Director Rashid Alketbi, the layout plan will start with 200 Smart Issuance Kiosks and then spread DubaiCard across the UAE as well as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

 "This 24/7 solution has huge opportunity within the banking and finance sectors, and we are very proud to have worked with National Pay to deliver this novel solution to market. » - Added Graham Foster, CEO of ATAM Technologies, Evolis’ partner.

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