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Use Evolis printers to print student card

Get yourselves ready for Back-to-School, and finalize how you print your student cards and staff badges!


Student cards as ID badges

A student card identifies its holder as a student both to various government bodies, to third parties, and of course to their university.
This card therefore acts as a non-transferable ID card thanks to the personal information it carries about the student.


Multi-service student cards

Student cards can be basic ID cards, but they can also be more high-tech and used for various other applications.
For the last few years, universities have issued multi-service cards which act as: 

  • Student cards, 
  • University canteen cards, 
  • Payment cards, 
  • Library cards,
  • Access control cards.

With less advanced options, smaller organizations such as elementary schools, junior high and high schools also need to identify and monitor the movements of students, offer meal cards, or school transport cards.


The Evolis offer

Evolis has strong expertise in this market, and card printers known for their ease of integration and use. 

Evolis printers have several benefits:

  • High-quality printing,
  • Easy to install and use on site,
  • Connection to existing databases, 
  • Printers that make use of the latest encoding technologies: ISO or JIS2 magnetic strip, contact or contactless smart card (RFID),
  • The opportunity to combine multiple encoding options for multi-technology card personalization in a single step.

Depending on your needs and the volume of cards to be produced, Evolis recommends the Primacy, Zenius, and Tattoo RW printers from its range.


Case study

To meet the need to create multi-service cards, the company Monécarte has developed the Uni'Campus terminal, which contains an Evolis printer for issuing student and staff ID cards, for the Paris universities in particular.

Read the case study.


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