ID-Box: A Mobile and Off-Road ID Card System


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ID-Box is a portable, all-in-one ID card printing solution. ID-Box contains all the features required to enter data (text, photos, biometrics) for creating and printing ID cards. 

This mobile solution is used for:

  • Government ID cards
  • Security badges
  • Driver's licenses or passports

ID-Box works completely independently. This solution contains:

  • A camera
  • A Tattoo2 Evolis card printer
  • Accessories
  • A laptop computer
  • And optional accessories such as a fingerprint reader and an electronic signature screen

All this equipment comes packaged in a sturdy case, which is water and dust resistant.

Extremely useful in emergencies or for strategic maneuvers, this portable ID solution is perfect for agencies to provide accreditation and track the movements of personnel.

This solution is provided by Aptika, an Evolis reseller in Canada, in collaboration with TransTech Systems (provider of the Evolis Tattoo2 card machine).  

ID-BOX - Mobile Photo ID System


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