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Since 2012, the United States have been conducting a migration of their system of bank card payments throughout the country. Known as EMV, the aim of the migration is to combat fraud by improving the security of payment methods and transactions. Cards are therefore equipped with a chip and the transaction is authenticated using a PIN code or the cardholder's signature.



Migration milestone on October 1 2015

From October 1 2015, liability in the event of fraud has been transferred to the issuing banks or merchants who have not implemented payment methods that comply with the EMV standard.


For several months, this migration has been pushed through in the United States; however the equipment of banking and business networks is still limited, as highlighted in the Visa article. This delayed migration is mainly due to two factors:

  • High financial investment: banks and merchants have to buy new terminals, renew their stock of cards, software solutions, etc.
  • Time is needed to upgrade the Core Banking solutions of financial institutions, where certain suppliers have been inundated with demand.



Recognized Evolis instant EMV personalization modules

Used for several years in many banking and financial institutions in the USA, Evolis solutions are designed in a modular way to support users with technological developments, such as the EMV migration.

For example, the Card@Once instant personalization solution, using Evolis printer technology, is now the most commonly used solution in the US. Historically used to issue cards with magnetic stripe, it is now used by many financial institutions in the United States to produce i EMV cards.

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"The Card@Once® solution is simple to deploy and can be used on demand without training: the printer starts up and personalizes a card, which is issued to the cardholder at the branch. No other solution on the market is as easy to use," said Bill Dinker, President of EFT Source.


Investing in Evolis card printers allows you to remain compliant with EMV upgrade requirements:

  • A long-term solution: if you already use Evolis card printers to personalize payment cards with a magnetic stripe, you don't need to replace them to start issuing smart cards.
  • Modular systems: Evolis products have smart card encoding modules that can very easily be added to your existing stock. These encoding modules have already been integrated into many types of instant personalization software available on the market and comply with EMV standards. Contact us for a list of partner solutions already integrated with our products.
  • Recognized expertise: Evolis printers benefit from our recognized expertise in personalizing bank cards, including several EMV projects. They are recognized for their ease of use and high reliability, ensuring optimal retourn on investment over the long term.


With these solutions, Evolis gives you the freedom to migrate at your own pace, while capitalizing on your initial investment.


EMV migration extended to other countries

The US example of having to deal with EMV migration is not an isolated case. Other countries are still in a transition phase. So don't hesitate to contact Evolis so that its teams can design a customized printing and personalization solution for your project.


*EMV: Europay – MasterCard – Visa - in reference to the international standard for global application.

(1) The company EFT Source is now part of the CPI Card Group


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