New Capacity for Evolis High Trust® Color Print Ribbons


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As part of its environmental policy, Evolis seeks to reduce the impact of using print ribbons.

For this purpose, Evolis has implemented the following two solutions:

1. Up to 50% additional printing per ribbon

We have increased the capacity of the 5-panel color ribbons (YMCKO) for the Zenius and Primacy printers.

  •   For the Zenius color ribbon: an increase from 100 to 200 images per ribbon (+50%)
  •   For the Primacy color ribbon: an increase from 250 to 300 images per ribbon (+20%)

So for the same number of images, fewer ribbons are transported. By increasing the ribbon capacity, we reduce the carbon emissions for transportation as well as the related costs. 


2. New material for the cassettes

The polystyrene for the cassettes that the ribbons are inserted into has been completely replaced with regenerated polystyrene. This is both recycled and recyclable.

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