New Color Touch Screen Option for Primacy Lamination


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Primacy Lamination LCD

Primacy Lamination is the ideal system for strengthening the security and sustainability of your official identification documents and your access badges.


For even greater ease of use, Evolis now has the option of a color touch screen. This device, already available as an option on Primacy, sits on the lamination module for optimal ergonomics.


This unique functionality sends notifications and lets you interact in real-time with the printing and lamination modules:

  • Status of the ribbons, cards, and cleaning is permanently available
  • Instant status of the printer and lamination module and help messages to troubleshoot current problems
  • Selection of settings for the printer and lamination module (offset adjustment, heating temperature, configuration of double-sided lamination, etc.) from the touch screen.
  • Option to add a personalized contact page

All of these details and interactions are available immediately, without using the Evolis Premium Suite interface on a computer, which enables operators to intervene easily, even from a remote computer.


Available now!

The color touch screen is now available to order:

  • Factory-installed option for Primacy Lamination
  • Card Lamination Module only


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