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An integral part of the Badgy200 solution, Evolis Badge Studio+ software allows you to create and personalize all your badges and cards, intuitively and professionally. The new Evolis Badge Studio+ has been redesigned and is now even easier to use, offering new features:

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An all-in-one solution:
You can't go wrong! We provide support throughout the installation of the Evolis Badge Studio software and the Badgy printer driver. A few clicks and you're done!

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User-friendly display by badge type:
From the software home page, you are guided to choose the type of card you want to create. Have you already created badges? They can be found directly on this same home page for quicker access.

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A new, more ergonomic view for creating your badges:
The new Evolis Badge Studio+ interface allows you to manage both your badge design and all related information in an instant. Your database information is accessed directly at the bottom of your screen and any changes to this database are applied in real time to your card. This makes it really easy to print a set of several different badges featuring personalized information and with exactly the same design, ensuring a consistent and professional finish.

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New graphic resources:
Discover new card models included in the software to meet all your needs depending on your business. New features will be regularly posted on the free card library available at Feel free to check it out!

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A locking option for your designs:
Now, your card model can be locked with a password to prevent items from being changed in error.

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Easier duplicate management:
When reimporting database information, your duplicates are automatically managed by the software.

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A wizard for double-sided printing:
The software takes you through the steps you need to manually print sets of double-sided cards.


Do you already have the Badgy200 solution?

You can now download the new version of the Evolis Badge Studio+ software to make the most of all the features offered by your all-in-one solution. It is free and always compatible with Mac and PC!



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