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These new cards are mainly intended for the Securion printer, but they can be used with the complete Evolis range.

These cards may be requested for projects where quality and durability are the main priorities.
At the current time, Evolis is the only company in the market offering this kind of card.

The advantages of PETF cards:

  • The PETF medium makes the card more sturdy and more durable than a standard 100% PVC card. PETF is untearable: the inherent quality of the PET, which is more resistant than PVC, is used in the most challenging industrial environments.
  • More flexible than standard PVC cards, they can be used in extreme temperatures. For example, they are recommended for use in ski resorts, or when a card needs to be laminated.
  • PETF cards are recommended for all applications that require the card to be regularly swiped, such as access control cards or payment cards. They are available in the catalog as blank cards or with magnetic strips.
  • PETF cards are less harmful to the environment: PET is internationally recognized as being more environmentally friendly than PVC cards.

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