New ribbons and options for Avansia, the retransfer printer


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Avansia the retransfer printer has new ribbons and new encoding options

New ribbons available.


We are happy to announce the availability of several new ribbons for the Avansia Retransfer printer:




Ribbon Type


Part #


Color ribbon with Inhibitor panel - 400 prints / roll

Color ribbon which prevents the transfer of clear varnish on specific areas (magnetic strip, chip, signature panel, etc.)




Color ribbon for non PVC cards - 400 prints / roll
The YMCKH ribbon has been designed to enable Avansia to use various card substrates other than PVC, among them Polycarbonate (PC), PET-G and ABS.



Color ribbon with UV panel - 400 prints / roll
The YMCFK color ribbon is the ideal solution to secure the ID cards in an easy, quick, accurate and sure way.

UV Fixed data (the same text or/and images printed on every card) printed with the F panel are handled by the standard Avansia printer driver or cardPresso starting with the XXS version. UV Variable data (different text or/and images from one card to another) are managed by cardPresso starting with the XL Edition.



To use these ribbons, it is required to update the firmware of the Avansia printer to the latest version


New encoding options:

We remind you that two encoding options are available for Avansia


Part #

Evolis Elyctis Dual encoding kit
Includes. Evolis Elyctis Dual (IDENTIV chipset) encoder, smart contact station, antenna bracket, daughter board, cables and mounting kit



HID veriCLASS Dual encoding kit
Includes HID veriCLASS Dual encoder, smart contact station, antenna bracket, daughter board, cables and mounting kit.



Avansia delivered with cardPresso


A new version of cardPresso XXS (ver 1.4.16) including Mag & Elyctis encoding for the Avansia has been released and is now being delivered with the printer.

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