Partex chooses Evolis for its electrical cable marking systems


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Partex company chooses Evolis card printer to print cable marker

The Swedish group Partex is the inventor of marking systems for electrical wires and cables and is now the world leader with 70 distributors. Partex opted for a printing system of cable markers on pre-punched CR-80 plastic cards with the Evolis Primacy printer. This method is mainly used for the marking of switchboards and cables in data centers.

Partex's offer is twofold:

  • the printing in their premises of the cable markers intended for electrical installers,
  • reselling Evolis printing systems to Partex resellers in order to enable them to print cable markers directly on customer sites.


The benefits of Evolis printing systems for the marking of electrical cables

  • Fast: instant printing of markers on pre-punched cards is 5 times faster than single character markers.
  • Continuity: Evolis systems issue cards with the same quality and positioning of the marking from the first to the last card, even for large volumes.



Partex Utilizes Evolis Primacy to Print Cable Markers


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