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The Evolis High Trust® range is expanded with new consumables


Evolis, France, 20 September 2013. Evolis, a manufacturer of plastic card personalization solutions, introduces two new models of ribbons and cards to its range of Evolis High Trust® consumables: 1/2 panel color ribbon & matte black cards.


In response to technological developments in the card market, Evolis has a complete range of consumables, trademarked under the name Evolis High Trust®. This range includes a wide variety of cards, monochrome & color ribbons, hologram patches, and cleaning supplies, tested and approved for high quality personalization of all types of cards, from photo ID badges to driver's licenses to national identity cards containing complex holographic elements.


½ YMCKOKO: an additional varnish panel for added durability

This new ½ YMCKOKO ribbon featuring 3 half-panels (yellow, magenta and cyan) and two full panels (black and varnish) is the best choice for applications requiring partial printing of color elements.
You can print a photo or logo in color on the front of the card and continue printing the text and bar codes in monochrome black on both sides of the card. The novelty lies in the addition of a protective varnish panel on the back of the card. 
This new composition has two major advantages for users: more cost-effective color printing and enhanced durability of the back of the card, thanks to the double coat of protective varnish.  


New matte black cards

Evolis offers a new range of black, non-laminated cards made of untreated PVC-U. This material allows for both monochrome and color printing and is safe for food contact. Personalized with white, gold or silver ribbons, these cards are ideal for market applications such as food price labels, loyalty cards or unique membership cards.

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