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Evolis becomes world leader in decentralized issuance of payment cards following the installation of more than 50,000 systems in bank branches all over the world.


Angers, February 18, 2016 - Evolis, world leader in personalization systems of plastic cards, has just gone beyond the symbolic target of 50,000 systems sold for the issuance of payment cards. The market for instant issuance of financial cards has experienced steady growth in many countries, such as in the U.S. where a significant number of financial institutions are already using Evolis solutions.


Instant card issuance: a solution for new banking needs

Facing the challenge of digital disruption, many financial institutions are looking to  bring more innovative services into their traditional network. The in-branch personalization of payment cards allows a bank to issue a debit or credit card in a few minutes, either when opening a new account, or when a card needs to be urgently replaced. Instant issuance has many benefits: banks achieve more operational flexibility through a decentralized solution while reducing their shipping costs, and customers benefit from fast and more convenient service. As a result, financial institutions create an image of instant gratification close to the expectations of today’s customers.

"These services are already widely adopted in the traditional branch network in the U.S., the Middle East or in Asia. Instant issuance is now also being deployed in new generation concepts, be it in digital branches or non-branch environments, such as shopping malls or airports. This model has found its natural place in the omni-channel bank experience" says Ludovic Simonneau, Bank Marketing Manager at Evolis.


A unique positioning for the French SME

10 years after its first projects in Korea, Evolis has deployed this system in 900 institutions throughout the world.  Today, Evolis is still addressing the banking market with the same philosophy: offering customized solutions that are marketed through a network of solution providers who are experts in banking services.

Evolis printers offer all necessary features for graphical and electrical personalization (magnetic stripes, contact or contactless smart card) of all types of cards (credit, debit or prepaid). These systems meet all the market needs , since Evolis has the industrial flexibility to position its products on high volume projects as well as on projects with strong customization requirements.
Evolis is leveraging the expertise of partners specialized in card payment personalization services, some of which are large international market players that have integrated Evolis systems in their instant issuance solutions.

Thanks to the flat card personalization technology by Evolis, decentralized solutions can be deployed on a very large scale at an attractive price for banks.


An international presence in the banking market since 2006

Evolis systems have a modular design that allows for field upgrade of systems based on new technological requirements. In the U.S., hundreds of banks use Evolis printers for the instant issuance of debit and credit cards; many of them have been able to migrate their instant issuance solution to EMV without purchasing new equipment. This modular offer has also attracted banks in African countries such as First Bank of Nigeria or Equity Bank in Kenya. In Saudi Arabia, NCB bank has implemented a decentralized issuance solution in its 400 branches in 2007 and plans to update its fleet of printers for issuing EMV cards. Since 2012 Kuveyt Türk bank in Turkey has successfully deployed Evolis products and now issues more than 10,000 payment cards per month instantly in its branches.


Instant personalization of payment cards through ATMS

The latest trend in the financial market is the instant personalization of payment cards directly issued by Advanced Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Evolis has recently expanded its offer with a full range of systems dedicated to self-service applications. This range, which consists of four printing modules, covers all payment card personalization needs.

"Evolis has gathered extensive experience through its involvement in numerous financial projects – issuance of magnetic cards, EMV, with desktop, unattended or customized solutions. This expertise has led us to design products that are recognized by our partners and banks for their ease of integration, their reliability and simple handling," explains Ludovic Simonneau.


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