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EVOLIS PREMIUM SUITE® A new Software Suite for Evolis Card Printers


France, Octobre 2011. Evolis, a leading manufacturer of plastic card personalization solutions, introduces Evolis Premium Suite®, a software-based offering available for the new range of Evolis desktop card printers.


As a forerunner in designing solutions for seamless integration of card printers in multiple environments (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), Evolis is committed to providing users with more freedom, and now offers a -friendly experience at the user’s desktop itself.

Evolis Premium Suite® now brings a set of software tools that support card personalization from end to end, with a clear emphasis on simplicity and a user-focused approach.

Evolis Premium Suite® is much more than a driver as it provides 4 software layers with targeted features:

  • Printer Driver. Enables two-way communication and synchronization between the PC and the printer
  • Language Monitor. Facilitates dialog between the print manager and the Evolis Print Center
  • Evolis Print Center. An advanced tool for system configuration, printer management and monitoring of printing jobs
  • Evolis Printer Manager. Constantly provides user notification, especially in case of an error or alarm.

With Evolis Premium Suite® , the printer configuration process is fully automated in more than 90% of all identified use cases. The dialog between the printer and the PC is monitored so that users are aware of the printer’s status: type of ribbon installed, alarms, errors, print jobs in progress, and more. A permanent support, available locally or online, provides a simpler alternative to support services that may be delivered over phone.

When designing Evolis Premium Suite® , emphasis was laid on ensuring that this application supports all existing and emerging operating systems. This open approach guarantees a scalable and platform-independent offering, which enhances interoperability with any
hardware that may be used in the future (servers, desktop, smartphones, tablets, and others).

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