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Angers (France), 23 January 2020 – Evolis, the world leader for personalization solutions and instant printing systems launches a new Card Lamination Module (CLM) for Avansia, compatible with its Avansia card printer. In a very demanding market, the Evolis Card Lamination Module reduces the risk of card fraud and increases significantly the useful life of the official identity documents or the access control badges.


The Avansia Lamination system combines the Avansia Printer with the retransfer technology and the Card Lamination Module (CLM for Avansia) for the issuance of high-quality secure cards. 


The retransfer technology allows the card integral printing and its 600 dpi print head to generate an optimal quality of image, including texts and high-resolution security features (UV, micro-texts, guilloches and 2D codes).
This solution meets the specific needs of employee badges personalization, secured control access, student cards, national IDs, driving licenses, etc. 
CLM for Avansia laminates single or double-sided cards providing durability for up to 10 years. Avansia Lamination thus creates secure cards for every need.

Increased productivity

In a single operation, an Avansia printer equipped with a CLM can encode various cards (magnetic stripe, contact or contactless smart cards), print them using retransfer technology, and laminate them in one pass.
The printing and lamination modules work in parallel, producing up to 133 printed and laminated single-sided cards per hour or 79 printed and laminated dual-sided cards.
Avansia Lamination is adapted to print large batches without interruption thanks to its high capacity card feeder and card output hopper (250 cards each) and to the Evolis High Trust® consumables range, developed specifically for this kind of impression. All our patches and varnishes propose high capacities of printing to allow a huge autonomy of the system.

Multiple encoding and reinforced security

In order to meet specific needs, Avansia Lamination can benefit from all the encoding options: magnetic, contactless and contactless smart cards (combinable with each other). Avansia’s retransfer technology makes it possible to print on all types of cards (PVC, PET, polycarbonate, ABS, etc.) including those with irregular surfaces, such as smart cards.
To prevent any unwanted attempts at use, Avansia Lamination is fitted with an RFID electronic key which prevents printing from starting, once removed. 
It is also optionally equipped with a mechanical locking system.


The CLM module for Avansia simply connects to the Avansia printer to form a single system. The installation of the films is intuitive, and all the laminates are automatically recognized by Avansia.

A WIDE CHOICE OF LAMINATES for multiple applications

Evolis offers a wide variety of patches and varnishes, whether or not incorporating holograms. Upon request and within the framework of specific projects, Evolis is able to develop fully personalized laminates.

“ With Avansia Lamination, Evolis is enriching its catalog with a high-end product which allows us to strengthen our capacity to meet the needs of high-volume markets, particularly in the fields of security, education and government projects“, Says Philippe Lesellier, Product Manager at Evolis

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