Evolis and ScholarChip bring multiservice ID cards to the baltimore schools

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Evolis and scholarchip join hands to bring multiservice card-based ids to the baltimore county public schools 

Fort Lauderdale, USA, August 27, 2014 – Evolis, a global leader in card printers, along with ScholarChip, an expert in smart card technology for educational institutions, announced today the successful roll-out of an infrastructure to deliver multiservice student and staff ID cards for public schools in Baltimore. These IDs will serve as a single credential for multiple applications, from access control to identification and library services, as well as attendance monitoring and bus attendance to and from schools.

Capitalizing on the Legacy Infrastructure

In January 2014, The Baltimore County Public Schools awarded a contract to ScholarChip, to implement their card-based student and staff IDs as part of their automated student attendance services, called BCPS OneCard. The District required the card to be operable and compatible with their legacy proximity (125 kHz) door access system, so as to avoid the expenses, incidentals and hassle of replacing the existing infrastructure. However, the attendance services required using the secure and open Mifare standard.  

“ScholarChip has a long development relationship with Evolis, and we have issued well over one million smart IDs to the K-12 school market with Evolis printers so far”, said Terrence McGivney, Director of Sales at ScholarChip. “Based on our own experience, and leveraging the versatility of the Primacy printer from Evolis, we came up with a simple, yet proven solution to support legacy systems while enabling new features: a dual-frequency encoder embedded in the Primacy printer from Evolis, to print and encode all IDs. With this solution, smart IDs are issued in one pass for use with both ScholarChip’s attendance services and the existing door access system.” Over a short timeframe, ScholarChip deployed 169 card issuance stations, each containing an Evolis printer. These stations have already delivered 19,000 full-color staff IDs. They are also expected to deliver 103,000 student smart IDs to capture attendance in real time, when students enter 173 school buildings and over 7,000 classrooms, by simply ’tapping’ their contactless cards on a ScholarChip Attendance Kiosk, a classroom reader, or an NFC-enabled tablet.

Multiservice Card: a Single Passport to all Services

“Integrating a dual-frequency encoder in the Evolis Primacy line is a great way to ensure backward compatibility with legacy systems. Primacy offers the advantages of delivering multipurpose cards that leverage existing and emerging technologies, while at the same time keeping the access control infrastructure unchanged. Proposing to customers the use of a single credential for all their services is an additional advantage”, said Jean-Charles Pichon, Sales and Project Manager, Evolis Inc. Note that such cards prove very scalable, as they can be upgraded at a future date to support additional services as and when required: in 2015, such cards will be used to capture students’ attendance as they hop on and off 884 school buses.


About ScholarChip ( ScholarChip has pioneered the concept of a centralized and integrated School Safety and Operations System-a true academic one card solution. To meet the growing need for mobile technology in schools, ScholarChip has developed Apps and smart ID cards that operate seamlessly with NFC mobile devices. In addition, ScholarChip's Higher Education services extend to high performance Tuition Payment Plans, Loan Servicing and a compliant Payment.

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