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NEW SOLUTION ‘HELLO VISITORS’: For optimized and professional visitor management 


Evolis, France, January, 28. Evolis, French manufacturer of plastic card personalization solutions, is partnering Canadian company Viscount Systems Inc. in introducing ‘Hello Visitors’: an all-in-one visitor management solution based on rewritable cards.


Optimizing the welcome of visitors in a company is a key factor in projecting a positive and professional image. In addition to providing a professional welcome, it also entails making a carefully designed, personalized badge available, enabling immediate identification of visitors within the premises of the company.

To meet these requirements in welcoming and managing visitors, Evolis and Viscount Systems Inc. – a Canadian company specializing in access control solutions and security – have jointly developed the all-in-one Hello Visitors solution, which is ideal for instant badge personalization. This solution comprises the Facility Friend software published by Viscount Systems Inc., an Evolis Tattoo-RW rewritable card printer, rewritable cards and badge-holders.


Precise and economic management of visitor streams

Facility Friend is a comprehensive, user-friendly software which enables precise analysis of visitor streams. A highly intuitive dashboard makes it possible to list visitor identities, state how many visits are underway, notify delays, manage unwelcome visitors and generate an evacuation report listing visitors present onsite. For optimized management of visits over time, this software package also allows a database of visitor contacts to be quickly drawn up through the use of forms.

The Evolis Tattoo-RW rewritable card printer supplied with this software provides an economical, ecological and efficient response to any problems relating to visitor and employee streams. Indeed, Tattoo-RW was designed to wipe and print new data onto a single badge up to 500 times. Because of the limited timeframe in which such a badge is generally used, it is the rewritable aspect of this application which really sets it apart, making it possible to re-use each card up to 500 times.

Multiple card re-use, and the absence of a print ribbon, make Hello Visitors a unique and extremely economic solution - guaranteeing a quick return on investment thanks to excellent price positioning (retail price: €1,490 exclusive of tax).
In addition to being easy to use and affordable, Hello Visitors and its Tattoo-RW printer also limit environmental impact by re-using the same cards many times over.

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