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The multiservice A’TOUT card to be delivered through Evolis printers


Angers, France, December 2012 . The City of Angers, France, selected the Evolis card printers to print and personalize the new A’Tout City Card. 


An all-in-one card gives access to a wealth of public and community services

The new A’tout Card, a City card for everyday use, provides the people of Angers, France, with access to a large variety of local services.  This all-in-one card can be used to commute throughout the Irigo local transportation services (bus & tramway), benefit from multiple activities and services from libraries, access to swimming pools and the ice-skating facility in Angers, and manage a variety of online purchase of services. In 2013, The A’tout Card is also slated to be used for services in school canteens, nurseries and day-care centers.

This new card supports multiple applications, such as identification, and offers attractive benefits: easy-to-access administrative procedures, harmonized rates for services and a very high level of protection for personal and confidential data of citizens. 


The A’tout Card is personalized and delivered in a snap

Any user willing to benefit from the transportation and municipal services provided by the City of Angers, can apply for this card at the district and central city halls, and at libraries as well. Dozens of Evolis printers and related webcams are expected to be deployed to support the instant personalization process of this multiservice card. An estimated 80 000 cards are expected to be personalized by the end of 2013.

The Evolis Pebble printer was selected to print text, logo and graphics on the card. The A’tout Card leverages the most up-to-date personalization technologies and, in particular, the contactless RFID technology that makes it possible to store the card holder’s personal data and credentials on a single chip. Each card becomes active at proximity from card readers, and this streamlined process allows for optimizing the influx of people, for example, in the public transportation system.

Support and deployment of this major project is undertaken by the Capgemini Group , which is the integrator of the A’Tout project, and an expert in IT consulting and outsourcing. Capgemini has worked with IREC, a ticketing software vendor, and with Parkeon, a leader in solutions for on-street parking for public transportation. 

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