Avansia - How to clean the printer?

  1. Press the MENU key from the control panel.
  2. Press the ‘down’ Key until [Cleaning] is displayed, then press the SET Key.
  3. Then [Cool down...] is displayed, wait until the figure drops to 70 or lower. The figure indicates the temperature of the heat roller (in °C).
  4. When [Remove Film] is displayed, open the printer front cover.
  5. Remove the Transfer film and close the printer front cover.
  6. When [Remove cards] is displayed, open the printer top cover.
  7. Open the card feeder and remove the cards from the cassette.
  8. When [Set Cleaning Crd] is displayed, take a cleaning card and remove the protection film at the back of the card.
  9. Load the cleaning card in the feeding slot. Align the adhesive side of the cleaning card to the right.
  10. Close the card feeder and the printer top cover.
  11. When [SET:Start] is displayed, press the SET Key. The cleaning starts automatically.
  12. When [Complete] is displayed, cleaning is completed and the cleaning card is ejected into the card ejection slot.
  13. Put the Transfer film back into the printer and put the cards back into the feeder.
  14. When [Push SET key] appears on the screen, press the SET Key.
  15. Your printer is once again ready to use.