Edikio: plastic tag printing solutions

All-in-one professional solutions for printing buffet labels and price tags for stores, hotels, and restaurants.

Edikio: five all-in-one solutions for printing your own tags on plastic cards

Edikio offers two ranges of all-in-one solutions, Edikio Price Tag and Edikio Guest, so you can create and print attractive tags on your premises in a quick, efficient, and economical manner.

Specially designed to meet the needs of stores, hotels, and restaurants, Edikio’s professional solutions allow you to create practical, attractive, fully customizable price tags, buffet labels, and all types of cards on plastic in just a few clicks.

Customized tags with a difference

Professional all-in-one solutions to make your life easier

When you choose an Edikio solution, everything is included in the box. You can install and print your first tags in less than 15 minutes.
Each solution includes:

  • Professional and intuitive tag creation software This allows you to create fully customized cards from a blank template or from a card layout included in the software that you adapt to your business
  • A high-performance, compact card printer: Edikio Access, Flex, or Duplex,
  • and your first consumables: a white printing ribbon and black blank cards.

Get your free label

Evaluate yourself the quality and the professional and aesthetic rendering of our plastic card labeling solution. Whether you are a retailer or a hotel owner, you will receive a free personalized and printed label with Edikio.

Dedicated professional software

Each solution has a business software that comes in several editions to meet all requirements, from the simplest to the most complex. The Edikio Price Tag and Edikio Guest software allows you to customize your tags with your product information, your logo, and your font.

To make it easier to create and print your tags, every version comes with:

  • several hundred pre-designed and fully customizable tag layouts tailored to your business
  • a library of more than 400 images
  • an exclusive Edikio Chalk font
  • a feature for importing product information from your MS ExcelTM file directly to the card

Solutions complemented by a wide range of consumables and accessories

To give your creativity free rein, Edikio offers a complete range of card and ribbon consumables, as well as plenty of accessories. Because you sometimes need to adapt how your tags are displayed to make them more readable in your store or on your buffet, the Edikio range includes a wide range of holders adapted to your business for price tags and buffet labels: metal or plastic, narrow or wide, magnetic, on stands or on spikes, dual card holder, etc.

Edikio Price Tag: all-in-one solutions for all retailers

Try our price tags and check out the difference! Edikio Price Tag allows you to create and print your price tags on plastic media in a fast, efficient, and economical way. Display the information your customers and staff need in just a few clicks with intuitive, turnkey business solutions.

More than 27,000 points of sale are already equipped.

What about yours?

The many benefits of price tags on plastic cards

Save time

  • Maximum flexibility and responsiveness: print your tags on demand in your store and benefit from up-to-date labeling in real time.
  • Independence: free yourself from fixed delivery times and minimum order quantities set by your tag suppliers.
  • Ease of use: the included Edikio Price Tag software is designed to generate customized price tags in minutes. The card printer is compact and can be used as easily as a standard office printer.

Ensure product visibility and hygiene

  • Ideal dimensions: the credit card format doesn’t obscure your products, but offers good readability on the front and back. The long card format, available with Edikio Flex, gives you more space for more information on your tags and offers greater readability for specific needs, for example in bakeries.
  • Hygiene and durability: very easy to clean, PVC cards can withstand cold and moisture. They are both durable and hygienic.

Enhance your brand image

  • Unique tags: stand out from the crowd by customizing your tags. Add your logo and your choice of graphic elements.
  • Professional-looking displays: create a consistent look across all your shelves and spark customer interest with attractive tags.
  • Clear and legible communication: the slate finish of the black tags printed in white gives a high-quality, authentic look.

Provide full information for your customers and staff

  • Compliance with regulations: Include all the information related to your products, in compliance with the regulations in force (name, price, unit of measurement, allergens, origin, composition, etc.)
  • Highlight products: to help your customers make their choice, you can display information related to dietary requirements, the type of product (organic, local, etc.), and your promotions or new products.
  • Back of card for staff: Simplify things for your team by displaying the product reference, barcode, preparation tips, etc. on the back.

Three solutions adapted to all your requirements

Because each store has specific constraints related to its business and price display, Edikio Price Tag is available in three all-in-one solutions to adapt to your requirements.

Each solution includes:

  • a card printer
  • creation software
  • your initial consumables—black blank cards and white printer ribbon
Edikio Price Tag Access
for your monochrome tags
Edikio Price Tag Flex
for all your tags in different formats
Edikio Price Tag Duplex
for all your double-sided tags
Includes the Edikio Price Tag Edition Lite softwareIncludes the Edikio Price Tag Edition Standard softwareIncludes the Edikio Price Tag Edition Pro software

Edikio Price Tag software: an indispensable tool

Included in each solution, the Edikio Price Tag software allows you to easily create and customize all your price tags at your point of sale.

The Lite, Standard, and Pro versions of the Edikio Price Tag software have all been designed for retailers. It is intuitive and has lots of advantages and functionalities for optimizing your time, whatever your line of your business:

  • An all-in-one display to access both your card design and your product list from your database.
  • Product categories to manage your items as you do in your store.
  • Simple import of databases from Excel, CSV, or TXT.
  • A pricing tool with a wide choice of predefined formats and currencies.
  • A library of more than 200 customizable tag layouts and more than 400 images.

Maximize the profitability of your investment by printing cards for all your needs

As well as creating price tags, Edikio Price Tag can also print badges and other cards connected to your business. With Edikio Flex and Edikio Duplex, you can print in color on white credit card format cards

Edikio Guest: all-in-one solutions for all hotel and restaurant owners

Innovate with buffet labels on plastic holders. Edikio Guest allows you to optimize your labeling by displaying all the information required for your customers to make their selection on high-end display tags. Fully customizable in a few clicks with our all-in-one solutions, you can create and print tags that will enhance your buffet.

And what if you also opted for labeling that matches your image?

The numerous benefits of buffet labels on plastic media

Enhance your brand image

  • Add value to your buffets: display tags printed in white, gold, or silver on a black background are esthetically pleasing and professional. They add value to your buffet by giving it a consistent, high-quality look.
  • Tags that reflect your brand: fully customizable with your logo and the graphic elements of your choice, the buffet labels convey your brand image and reinforce the visual identity of your establishment.
  • Buffet highlights: stand out by indicating your new items, local products, home-made dishes, etc.

Provide clear and full information

  • Quality of service for international customers: display your product information in multiple languages.
  • Compliance with regulations: provide all the information about the composition and origin of the products, as well as any allergens, on your tags.
  • Help to choose: your customers have all the information they need to make their choice in one place. This streamlines access to your buffets for an improved experience.

Greater flexibility

  • Total autonomy: you can quickly and easily create your own display tags within your establishment.
  • Optimal responsiveness: you can customize and print your cards in a few minutes, and adapt your labeling according to your needs and customer base.

Take advantage of the perfect medium

  • Several formats for perfect readability: credit card or long format, the cards also offer multiple options for folding so that they can be adapted to the layout of your buffets and to the size of your products. A wide range of tag holders is also available.
  • Hygiene and durability: plastic cards are easy to clean. Because of their durability, they are particularly suited to food environments.

Two solutions adapted to all your requirements

To adapt to the needs of your hotel or restaurant, Edikio Guest is available in two professional turnkey solutions. Easy to install, so you can create and print all your tags and cards in minutes right there in your establishment.

Each solution includes:

  • a card printer
  • creation software
  • your initial consumables—black blank cards and white printer ribbon
Edikio Guest Access
for your monochrome tags and cards
Edikio Guest Flex
for all your tags and cards in different formats
Includes Guest Edition Start softwareIncludes the Edikio Guest Edition Plus software

Edikio Guest software: an indispensable tool

Included in both solutions, the Edikio Guest software allows you to easily create and customize all your tags and cards right there in your establishment.

Its intuitive interface and the content included in the software have been designed for professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry. Both the Start and Plus editions offer you many features for all your needs:

  • A creation wizard to help you get started with the software.
  • An all-in-one display to access both your card design and your product list from your database.
  • Simple import of databases from Excel.
  • A library of more than 200 customizable tag layouts and more than 350 images.

Improve the quality of your service offering by printing all your badges and customized tags

Thanks to a wide range of printing ribbons and plastic cards, Edikio Guest allows you to issue all kinds of badges and tags to add value to your hotel or restaurant business. You get a return on your investment, while improving your service offering to your customers.

Discover the Edikio all-in-one solution on our dedicated website

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