Signature Pads Software

A complete software package for Signature Pads range.


signoSign/2 is the essential piece of software for your signature pad.
With signoSign/2 software, create and sign documents instantly and securely.
signoSign/2 allows you to convert any document type into a PDF document and sign it securely with a signature pad.

  • Create your own templates for automated signing process of your documents
  • Choose what to do with your signed documents: send them per e-mail or archive them automatically
  • signoSign/2 integrates seamlessly with your Document Management System  

Available for 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. 
Try signoSign/2 during 30 days for free or contact your Evolis sales representative to get your full software licence

Download Signosign2


Only latest software versions are provided. Without a software maintenance contract (AMS), the use of the newer versions of the software is subject to a charge.

Please keep both the license file and the setup carefully. You can reuse them in the event of a system move or reinstallation.

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Bundles with SignoSign2 and Evolis signature pads are available.