• Evolis - Storage recommendations for consummables

Storage recommendations for consumables

The quality of the consumables is essential for a good quality printing. For an optimized lifespan and use, they have to be handled and stored under specific conditions. The following recommendations are the optimal storage conditions for best print quality. These are based on our current know-how and observations but are not a warranty on the products.

General storage recommendations

For all the Evolis supplies (color, monochrome or security ribbons, cards and cleaning kits) it is recommended to store them in dark place avoiding dust, direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperatures. These products must not be placed near solvents or other chemicals.



Storage Time


Storage Time

After Opening

Storage Temperature
Color and Monochrome Ribbons 1 year 6 months 5-25°c : 41-77°F
Security Ribbons 1 year 6 months 5-25°c : 41-77°F
Cards 2 years 2 years 5-25°c : 41-77°F
Cleaning Kits 2 years 2 years 15-30°c : 59-86°F


Regarding cleaning kits, we recommend to use the cleaning materials (swab, cards…) right after the opening in order to ensure product efficiency.