Warranty extension - FAQ

warranty-extension: Protect your investment

Warranty extension - FAQ

How can I activate my warranty extension?

You can activate your warranty extension by filling this form.


Who actually services the printer?

  • One of our certified Evolis Repair Center in our network.
  • Evolis as the manufacturer in case there is a need for advanced repair actions.


What does the warranty cover?

  • Covered - all parts, labor, and return transportation (where applicable). 
  • Not covered - routine user maintenance (see operator manual), Customer Replaceable Consumables, and customer abuse or blatant misuse. Service Agreement Terms and Conditions can be reviewed here.


Where to buy?

Evolis extended warranty agreements are available for purchase at your local Evolis reseller.
Please note that extended warranty agreements only apply on printers which are still in the first year of the standard warranty period.


Is there an advantage to purchasing a multi-year agreement?

  • SAVINGS - up to 15% annualized!
  • Long-term insurance against the unexpected.