Warranty Extension - Terms and conditions

warranty-extension: Protect your investment

Warranty Extension - Terms and conditions

Period of extended warranty

  • This agreement is available for the listed models which are still within the first year of the standard warranty period. The date as stated on the product invoice serves as proof of the date of purchase.
  • The product warranty is valid for a total period that includes: the initial standard warranty period plus the duration of the extended warranty.
  • An Evolis product is warranted from its date of purchase, as stated in your invoice.
  • For Quantum and Securion printers, the warranty is limited to a specific number of inserted cards, which depends on the printer and the duration of the warranty extension (please refer to the warranty extension brochure for more information). In this case, the warranty is limited to whichever terms comes first : duration or number of inserted cards.


Scope of extended warranty

  • In addition to the general warranty conditions as described in the “Evolis Limited Warranty” document delivered with your products, Evolis supports the repair of a defective printer covered by the “parts and labor” warranty if the troubleshooting carried out by the Evolis Repair Center identifies a hardware failure
  • In case of a hardware failure, the cost of the replaced components and/or parts, including the print head, as well as the labor of the repaired printer are covered.
  • Evolis and Evolis appointed carriers cannot be held liable in case of product deterioration and/or destruction during shipping if consequential to inappropriate packaging.